'On the Water' Subscription Box (3 Month Prepaid)

MOST POPULAR - 3 Month Prepaid Subscription ($38.95/Month)

Expertly curated, the 'On the Water' subscription box is overflowing with fish-fooling flies, great gear and good vibes.

Each month our guide's go through the process of curating the perfect fly list, basing selections on seasonality and geographic region. You will be set up with the right flies, for the right time, in the right place.

Also included are awesome gear items from some of our favorite fly fishing brands, along with weatherproof vinyl stickers featuring the artwork of local artists, and a free 1-year Trout Unlimited Membership!

Economical Flat-Rate Shipping on all boxes across Canada & the U.S.

What’s inside:

  • 24 Premium Trout Flies | 12-16 Salmon/Steelhead, Warmwater Bass, Saltwater Flies | Materials to Tie 24 Flies
  • Minimum of 5 top tier fly fishing items
  • Awesome weatherproof stickers
  • Free one-year membership to Trout Unlimited
  • Detailed Fly Guide with tips & tricks, exclusive contests, and much more!

Minimum $80+ value in each box!

Customer Reviews

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Awesome product

My husband loves getting his box every month.

Lon Dixon

I recommend the On the Water subscription box
I received the cold water box ( trout) monthly for a little over a year. I now have a wide assortment of flies and gear that I use. Had to stop for a while as I had not been fishing as much as I planned so I accumulated enough flies and gear for a while. When I get low, I’ll start up my subscription again. Worth it!

Michael Weaver
Miss the double fly assortments

Something changed from last year with the Freestone Subscription Box... in the past there were two fly assortments... this was condensed to one in the recent boxes... miss that even though the number of flies hasn't been cut in half... also I am growing tired of some of the additional items... seems like a box doesn't go by without a pack of foam indicators... or a fly patch... need some novel items to spice it up... other than this I love the subscription boxes... they are always a high point of my weeks waiting for the next one to come... thanks

Mary Wright
Enjoyed everything in the box

I got this subscription as a gift for my boyfriend. He just received his first box and enjoyed everything in it. He was very happy that I got him the tie flying kit and that he is able to make some of his own flies.

Great idea, a little pricey for a year round subscription

What a great idea! Loved the product it was just too expensive to keep full time . 4 star only due to cost. Bought the 3 month subscription while it was on discount. Tried both the trout box and the fly tying box and in my opinion the tying box is the way to go! As far as I can tell you get all the same items just half as many pre-tied flies (which is just a duplicate of the same flies you’d get with the tying box).
The beauty of the tying box is you get a little kit with all the materials and instructions to tie a pattern. The materials are enough to tie a few of the pattern, if your proficient in material use.

What I like about the tying pack is that it exposes me to new patterns and materials . If the fly turns out to be a successful fly, I then know what materials to purchase to make more. If the fly isn’t successful, well at least I’m not left with piles of materials that never get used…nothing worse than having spent a bunch of money on tying materials that collect dust haha.

Anyways thanks for the fun three months, perhaps if it’s on sale I’ll do it again sometime !
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