'Get out There' Fly Subscription (Monthly)

Have an unending need for flies? Just starting your fly fishing adventure? Well our 'Get Out There' fly subscription is the product for you or the angler in your family!

Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned vet, this fly subscription offers value to any angler at any skill level. We bring the fly shop right to your door, supplying a curated package of guide-selected flies and fishing goodies that'll get you out on the water and catching fish.

Gift a subscription, or grab one for yourself. Best yet, shipping across Canada and the US is FREE!

What’s inside:

  • 12 Premium Trout Flies | 6-8 Salmon/Steelhead, Warmwater Bass, Saltwater Flies | Quality Materials to Tie
  • Two bonus essential fly fishing Items
  • Awesome weatherproof stickers
  • Free one-year membership to Trout Unlimited
  • Detailed Fly Guide with tips & tricks, exclusive contests, and much more

Minimum $40 value in each month. Check out our Prepaid Plans below for great savings!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
First box

It’s a great deal for the price. I actually ordered 2 different subscriptions from different companies just to compare which one to actually go with thru my new fly fishing journey. I liked Freestone for they gave me more actual fishing supplies and at a good price. One thing I found very handy (for being a rookie in the sport) was the other company gave tips and tricks on how to rig each fly. That was the deal breaker for me.

Excellent product and customer service

I am brand new to fly fishing this season. I have been conventional fishing for years and decided to try fly fishing. I chose Freestone as the company to supply me with flies and gear and have never been disappointed. I have learned so much from using their products. I even caught my first trout on a sinker I got from them. They are always around to answer any and all questions. Give this company a chance. You will not be disappointed

Neat products! Great customer service.

I ordered the subscription as gift for my boyfriend. Very cool stuff included, including these fast change snaps! And then a second envelope. My boyfriend loved them and great and fun packaging. Think shipping just a sign of the times, no fault of the company! Maybe we will try again next spring.

Amazing customer service!!!

I ordered the subscription boxes for my boyfriends birthday, they took a little longer than usual to ship because of Covid and the boarder shut downs. Amazing customer service!!!! They got back to me super quickly and did everything they could to help! And he loved the items in the box so far!! Perfect way to get ready for his big trip :)

Amazing Products and Customer Service

This company is outstanding. I started my first subscription about 6 months ago and haven't looked back. Hands down the only fly fishing subscription you need!