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What can I expect in the Freestone Bug Box?

- Each month we carefully select a number of fly patterns  that will serve any fly fisher on their next voyage to the water. An informative fly list and bonus item are included with your flies every month, so you'll always be well-supplied for your next fishing adventure!

When will my monthly subscription box arrive?

- We ship boxes on or around the fourth of every month! Depending on where you live in Canada or the US, expect your subscription box to arrive between 3-5 business days. 

Which month will my subscription start when I purchase the Freestone Bug Box?

- When you subscribe to our monthly subscription box, expect your first box to arrive the following month (ie: if you purchase your subscription in December, your first box will arrive in January)

Do you ship anywhere else outside of Canada and the US?

- Yes! We have now expanded to shipping internationally!

If I want to cancel, when can I do that?

Cancel anytime! No commitment necessary, stop or start your subscription whenever you want.

Are you going to be offering any other subscription boxes in the future?

- Yes! We decided to launch with the Freestone Bug Box because that's what we're passionate about here at Freestone HQ. That being said, we are hoping to release a Saltwater Bug Box and a Warmwater Bug Box later in 2018. So be sure to stay tuned and follow us on social media for release dates!

Any other questions can be directed to: