Freestone Yard Sale Box

We're loading up these boxes with an arsenal of midges, nymphs, dries, and streamers, along with as many goodies and fishy stickers as we can stuff into each one.

Guaranteed to have a minimum of 4 Freestone Fly Packs, 8-10 Fishing Goodies, and 4 Weatherproof Stickers. Over a $100 value!

These boxes are packed to the brim and sell out quick, grab yours today.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great box

Bought this just as I was getting back into fly fishing after a long hiatus. This was perfect came with a bunch of fun stuff! Flies, leaders, tools, stickers etc. Made me really excited to get back out there with a fly rod.

Good Value

Definitely a good value. The flies alone end up being about $1 each (instead of $1.89+ elsewhere) plus all the cool fishing goodies. Only downside is you’ll get flies that may not be appropriate for where you’re fishing I.e. big colorful streamers for trout streams. Overall, good value for a fun surprise.

Jeremy M Thompson
great value

more than i expected. very happy!

Brad Raburn
Nice to have back-ups

I know buying these grab boxes are always iffy. However, I was pleasantly surprised how many useful items came in my box. Much of what was provided I already have in my box/pack but it's really nice to have back-ups and extra tippet. If the Yard Sale Box is offered next year, I will buy again.